The Phantom Forest Eco Reserve, Knysna, Garden Route, South Africa


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Please note that bookings are by appointment and for Phantom Forest guests only.
  • Bookings are to be made in advance.
  • To enjoy the full effect of the treatment, guests should make every effort to be punctual for the appointment.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment otherwise the guest will be charged for the treatment.
  • Body Boma Hours: 8am-5pm (or at the discretion of the therapist)
  • Please click here to send us an email and specify the treatments you would like pre-booked.

THE MINERAL MANTLE - 2 hours @ R 1045.00
Vitality, health and beauty, abound in the renewing properties of the Dead Sea, drawn exclusively from its mysterious life-giving waters. Share in the treasure trove of natural ingredients formulated in this ancient, mineral rich basin, renowned for its curative powers. The waters of the Dead Sea contain an astounding 32% concentration of minerals - the highest in the world. Enigmatically, surrounded by parched desert sands, yet producing the greatest abundance of moisture retaining minerals on Earth.
Be pampered and rejuvenated by this wellspring of vitality in our enchanting forest environment.
Your treatment begins with the Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Body Scrub, followed by an enveloping Black Mud Body Wrap. While your skin absorbs the mineral-rich nutrients of the mud, enjoy a relaxing coconut oil head massage, reflexology treatment or a purifying facial mud-treatment. Benefit from this state of deep relaxation, before being gently revived by a warm Vichy shower. Your treatment concludes with an hour long massage of your choice.
Be rejuvenated and revitalised!
Properties of treatment: Soothing, cleansing and purifying, detoxifying,
remineralising & rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory.

AFRICAN SEA ESCAPE - 2 hours @ R995.00
Thriving in the strong oxygen-rich wave action of the sun drenched Atlantic surf zone, on the West coast of South Africa. Ecklonia maxima is fed by the upwelling, nutrient rich, cold Antarctic waters of the Benguella current. This indigenous seaweed is hand harvested by divers and is processed under high pressure to prevent the denature of the cell contents. Trace elements, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, together with several polysaccharides (nature's natural moisturizers) are absorbed through the skin during treatment.
Experience the hydrating and detoxifying properties of this
uniquely South African therapy.
Your treatment begins with the Marine exfoliating scrub containing unrefined sea-salt, Ecklonia maxima granules and aloe oil. This is followed by an invigorating Vichy shower and your choice of one of three Body Wraps:
1 Micronised marine algae wrap - for a mild effect.
2 Toning body wrap - for a stimulation of blood and lymph flow.
3 Intensive anti-cellulite Contouring wrap (containing ivy extract) - for maximum impact on cellulite.
Your Sea Escape Experience will conclude with the application of marine-based nutritive advanced body lotion to hydrate and firm the skin.
Be energised and renewed!
Properties of the treatment: Stimulating blood and lymph flow, increasing metabolism,
relieving water retention, hydrating and remineralising.
This treatment can be followed by a one hour classic massage of your choice.

AMANDLA - 1.5 hr @ R 765.00
Kalahari Khoisan salt & Rooibos Body Scrub
Warm African Rain Shower Jets followed by Bucchu and Cape grape-seed oil Deep Tissue Massage.
Properties: Deep Tissue de-stress; diuretic; toning; anti-oxidant.
FOREST FUSION - 1.5 hr @ R765.00
Body Exfoliation of Khoisan Salt and Himalayan Cedarwood, followed by an invigorating Vichy Shower. This treatment concludes with a full hour West African Shea Butter Fusion Massage.
Properties: Cleansing and refreshing.
BACK TO NATURE - EARTH - 1 hr @ R595.00-00
While enjoying soothing hand and foot reflexology, let your back experience the benefit of a Dead Sea Salt exfoliation and Mud treatment. This is followed by a warm Vetiver and Black Pepper Shea Butter back massage.
Properties: Relaxing, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory.
BACK TO NATURE - SEA - 1 hr @ R595.00-00
Stimulating hand and foot reflexology combined with a Marine salt scrub and Seaweed back treatment. This therapy is followed by a brisk Cape Geranium and Peppermint back massage.
Properties: Cleansing and refreshing stimulant.

All 1 hour - All R 550.00
An individually designed therapy involving the use of Hot and Cold basalt stones; used for massage and placement on acupressure points, in conjunction with Swedish-style massage.
Properties: Energizing deep tissue de-stress.
Awaken the day with a Khoisan salt foot scrub followed by Helichrysum and aloe oil, brisk, full body, deep tissue massage.
Properties: Stimulating and refreshing.
Warm and relaxing Aromatherapy massage, personalized for your needs from our vast range of essential oils: A soothing coconut oil head massage finishes this special treatment.
Properties: Calming and relaxing.
A classic deep tissue massage. The vigorous manipulation of soft tissue increases circulation, improves muscle tone and helps general health and well being.
One of the favourite massage techniques. A holistic, soothing, rhythmic massage, with the added therapeutic benefit of essential oils.
A hand and foot treatment, which helps to stimulate the bodies� own healing mechanism and is a useful aid in preventative health care.
Designed for specific soft tissue damage and sports injuries plus certain chronic conditions; incorporates acupressure and shiatsu for pain relief.
A technique designed to stimulate lymph flow, which can be beneficial in treatment of cellulite and general fluid retention. Most effective when used in conjunction with Aromatherapy.
Drawing from several massage disciplines: Discuss your needs with your therapist and unwind with a unique treatment designed specifically for you.

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